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Get Tidy

Double Sided Nail Brush

Product Benefits

Achieve impeccably clean nails with the Onyx Professional Get Tidy Double-Sided Nail Brush. This brush effectively removes dirt and debris from both fingernails and toenails, offering a comprehensive clean. Featuring a dual-sided design, one side is equipped with short, stiff bristles for thorough cleaning, while the other side boasts long, soft bristles perfect for gentle exfoliation and care. Ideal for both professional manicurists and those perfecting their at-home nail care routine, the Tidy Up Double-Sided Nail Brush is a must-have tool for anyone looking to elevate their manicure or pedicure experience.

How to Use

Soak hands or feet in warm, soapy water. While soaking, use the short, stiff bristles to deep clean nails. Use long, soft bristles to completely clean cuticles and underneath longer nails.


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