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Bye Ingrown Toenail

3 Piece Ingrown Toenail Kit

Product Benefits
Discover the ultimate solution for ingrown toenails and tough cuticles with the ONYX Professional® Ingrown Toenail Kit. Crafted with durable stainless steel, this kit includes pointed-head clippers and a double-ended cuticle pusher, specially designed to assist in ingrown toenail removal.

The pointed head clippers allow for precise use, easily removing ingrown toenails and thick, callused cuticles or skin. With their sharp, pointed design, these clippers make it easy to trim into the hard-to-reach corners of the toenails, helping alleviate pain and discomfort.

The user-friendly double-ended cuticle pusher enables effective cleaning of debris from under the nails and the gentle pushing back of cuticles. 

How to Use

1: Soak feet in warm, soapy water. Lightly dry feet.

2: Lift ingrown part of toenail away from the skin using the cuticle pusher/toenail lifter.

3: Carefully slip long, straight clipper blade under ingrown toenail. Gently squeeze handles to trim toenail. Smooth nail edges with a file to prevent recurrence.


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