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100% Acetone Remover Jar

Removes Nail Polish & Artificial Nails

Product Benefits

Onyx Professional® 100% Pure Acetone Jar is a game-changer for your DIY manicure sessions. Say goodbye to spills and the excessive use of cotton balls. You can quickly strip away nail polish with a simple rotation of your finger with this ingenious jar.

The jar design ensures comprehensive polish removal, disinfects the entire nail bed, and preps your nails perfectly for your next nail art adventure. With our 100% acetone maximum-strength formula, you can enjoy salon-grade polish removal at home.

How to Use

To remove nail polish, glitter, nail art, or glue: Place finger inside jar and allow to soak for a few seconds. Gently rub nail against the bristles to remove nail polish. Repeat if necessary.


Acetone, Denatonium Benzoate


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