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Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves

Tough Stuff

3 Piece Thick Toenail Grooming Kit

Product Benefits

Introducing the Tough Stuff 3 Piece Thick Toenail Grooming Kit, engineered for those with thick, hard-to-manage toenails. Crafted from durable stainless steel, this extra-strength kit is designed to tackle even the toughest nails, providing you with professional-grade foot care at home.

The kit includes a robust set of toenail clippers, perfect for cleanly cutting through thick nails with precision and ease. Accompanying the clippers are two versatile, dual-ended tools designed to address a variety of toenail grooming needs. The first tool features a straight nail file on one end for smoothing and shaping the nail's edge, and a nail lifter on the other end to gently clean under the toenail and prepare it for trimming. The second tool is equipped with a pointed end to safely clean tight spaces and a curved hook end for delicately removing debris or ingrown parts of the nail.

Whether dealing with tough, thick nails or maintaining healthy foot hygiene, this comprehensive grooming kit is your all-in-one solution.

How to Use

1: Soak toes in warm water to soften nails. Lightly dry feet.

2: Use wide jaw clipper to trim toenails.

3: Use tools to treat and prevent ingrown toenails by lifting the upper corners of the nail from the nail bed. Use the straight end file to file inner and outer side surface of the nail.


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