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Pedi Please

3-in-1 Complete Callus Fix

Product Benefits

Revitalize your feet with the Pedi Please 3-In-1 Complete Callus Fix, your all-in-one solution to achieving silky, soft feet in just three simple steps! This versatile tool comes equipped with three interchangeable heads, each designed for a specific step in your foot care routine. Begin by soaking your feet in warm, soapy water, then pat them dry. Start with the callus shaver attachment to safely shave away hard calluses and tough, dry skin.

With ten razor blade refills included, this tool is ready for repeated use. Next, switch to the foot rasp attachment to address any remaining rough skin, ensuring a thorough exfoliation. Finish with the smoothing foot file to refine your skin's texture, leaving your feet feeling baby-soft and smooth. The compact and portable design of the Pedi Please 3-In-1 Complete Callus Fix makes it easy to use, store, and take with you for on-the-go pedicures.

How to Use

1: Soak feet in warm, soapy water before use.

2: Use razor for the most stubborn calluses. Gently shave across callus surface to remove thin layers of dry skin.

3: Use foot rasp attachment to file away excess dry skin.

4: For smooth feet, file rough areas with smoothing file attachment.

Clean and dry tool and attachments after use.


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